Magazine Policy

Deadline for articles is the 15th of the month preceding publication.  Items can only be accepted as an email to, or as a message via our contact form, or as typed/written copy to Stockton’s News Editorial Team.

The Editorial Team reserve the right to withhold or shorten items.
Views expressed are not necessarily the views of the Editorial team and contributors can request that their names be withheld but the team cannot accept anonymous items for publication.
The Editorial Team reserve the right to edit each edition of the magazine to be put on the Web.
No liability will be accepted for loss or damage caused by error or omission from advertisements or content.
Income is aimed at covering all costs generated by the production and circulation of Stockton’s News. Any surplus will be distributed within the Parish of Stockton at the discretion of an independent panel.

Copy of Magazine Guide Lines reinstated from the 1980’s

We will try to print anything that wont land us up in court, but we do not endorse all the views expressed, nor do we judge between those in dispute. What we want is to provide news, views, opinions and reports. What we do not want is to be unfair, biased, censorious or condemnatory. To steer a path between opinion and an argument is difficult but one airing of a view is an opinion a continual airing of that view and/or it’s opposite becomes an argument.